Public Communication

Science and Technology Policy Fellowship, DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO)

  • Public-facing communication about solar energy
  • Website redesign and optimization
    • Lobby for improved navigation
    • Design and build pages
    • Use google analytics to drive decisions
    • Manage solar project map and research database
  • Social media
    • Write posts and drive strategy for solar energy content on @eeregov and @ENERGY
    • Consult with leadership about social media strategy
  • Webinars, workshops, and events
    • Plan SETO Quarterly Stakeholder Webinar
    • Work with technical teams to plan and promote specialized webinars
    • Run Solar Colloquium Speaker Series, bringing external speakers in to talk with SETO
    • Facilitate internal training and workshops on diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Transition events from in-person to virtual
      • Including SETO Peer Review in early April 2020, an event with 700+ people in attendance

St. Louis Post-Dispatch through AAAS Mass Media Fellowship

GWIS Quarterly Magazine (GQM)

  • Writing:
    • “The Fierce Urgency of Now, GQM Winter 2018, “Tuning In.”
    • “A Letter From the Editor: See Us Again, For the First Time”, C.L. Cutting*, GQM Special Edition 2017, “Broken Silence: Student Accounts of Sexual Violence in STEM.”
    • “Straight-Cis-White-Male(TM)”, C.L. Cutting*, GQM Fall 2016, “Academy(TM).”
    • “My Time is Worth Less Than Yours”, C.L. Cutting*, GQM Fall 2015, “The Unspoken Academic Lessons.”
    • “Escaping Expectations, Creating Aspirations”, C.L. Cutting*, GQM Summer 2015
  • Multimedia:
    • “Violence by Numbers” Centerfold, GQM Special Edition
    • 2017, “Broken Silence: Student Accounts of Sexual Violence in STEM.”
    • “Academic Barbie” Cover Art, GQM Fall 2016, “Academy(TM).”

Social Media

  • GWIS Social Media (@stemfemmes on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
    • Grew Twitter from ~200 to ~450 followers
    • Created Instagram and Facebook and grew to ~125 and ~90 followers, respectively
    • Ensured consistent branding and curated platform-specific content
    • Primarily used for the #SafeAtWork campaign
  • Personal Twitter: @solarpowerqueen
    • Discussing science, science communication, and advocacy for women and underrepresented minorities in STEM

Press Coverage and Interviews

*Cutting is my maiden name and, as of October 2017, is my second middle name.